I recently upgraded my Mac to the version 10.13.1 and ended up with a weird error on my primary development tool that is certainly the most popular browser, Chrome.

Because of my work, I use postgres database and a local host which utilises https protocol. After the macOS Sierra upgrade, I had the following (and annoying) error which blocked my access to my local server.


However, the message I received did not contain a “proceed to” link. Therefore, I couldn’t access my local host as I always did.

I emptied the web cache, reset the application cache, deleted the service worker storage and tried the basic recommendations of Google (such as deleting the browsing history, etc…). None of them helped. On the other hand, my Safari browser was able to access the local host. So, there was no problem with my service, the issue was on Chrome’s communication with macOS Sierra 10.13.1.


Luckily, starting Chrome on unsafe mode proved my theory correct. Use the command below and bypass the issue.

/Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome –ignore-certificate-errors &> /dev/null &


My solution is unfortunately a temporary one. I didn’t want to waste more time by downgrading the macOS Sierra version. I hope the version 10.13.2 will fix it or maybe the newer version of Chrome will handle this buggy situation.

I experienced a similar situation on autoPlay functionality. Safari decided to block autoplay of video and sound objects, however Chrome will do the same on its January 2018 release. As a result, this experience has been another case where Safari is faster at implementing new features, but their web development tools cannot offer the quality of Chrome, yet.

Sercan Leylek / OSLO


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