Stork’s Nest aims to deliver IT solution tips.

Why would someone call an IT blog as Stork’s Nest? The answer is simple. Leylek means ‘stork’ in Turkish and the same word is the last name of this website’s primary contributor, Sercan Leylek.

storks nest sercan leylek
Photo by Utrop

The author of sci-fi/fantasy novels Cydonia, Mannen og murenPiri Reis & Nostradamus worked for the market-leading energy content service PointConnect of Thomson Reuters (between 2009 – 2017) in Oslo, Norway. Then, moved to Ravn Webveveriet as a developer/tester (2017 – 2019). And currently works for Shortcut as a full-stack developer.

Stork’s Nest will continue to post about Javascript, Angular, ReactJS, PHP, SourceMonitor and software testing tips. Stay tuned!